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Cafe Del Mar 10

Release Year 2003
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Cafe Del Mar X - Tracklist

Substructure - "Firewire"
Remote - "Postcard"
Future Loop Foundation feat. Michael Conn - "My Movie Is Like Life"
Lovers Lane - "Face of Beauty" (Original Mix)
DAB - "The Blues"
Rue du Soleil - "In My Heart"
Kinema - "Katia"
Rhian Sheehan - "Garden Children"
Terra Del Sol - "Sea Goddess"
Ohm-G & Bruno - "On Your Skin"
Nacho Sotomayor - "Remember You"
Vargo - "The Moment" (Original Mix)
Ypey - "Without You"
Blank & Jones feat. Anne Clark - "The Hardest Heart" (Ambient Mix)