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Chillout Mix 2012

Release Year 2012

Chillout Mix 2012 - Tracklist Torrent MP3 Download

01.Alt+F4 -Alt+F4 (W&D Chill Out Remix)
02.Andain - Much To Much (Zetandel Chill Mix)
03.Apologize (OneRepublic) - Lukas Termena Chillout Mix
04.Armin van Buuren - Serenity (W&D Project Chill Out Remix)
05.Armin Van Buuren(AELYN version) -In And Out Of Love(AELYN Chillout Cover)
06.ATB - Let you go (Schiller chillout)
07.Madonna - The Power Of Goodbye (GORGEOUS MIX INSTRUMENTAL)
08.Atb - Moments In Peace
09.ATB ft Tiff Lacey - Ecstasy (Chill In The Sunrise Mix)
10. Bluesolar - Believe in Me (Chill Out Mix)
11.Chill Brothers feat Angelica Borof - Infinity
12.Chill Out Music 2012 ( Relax Essence ) :)
13.Chimera State featuring Lety - Necessary (Chillout Mix)
14.Coldplay - Clocks (Odsounds Sunset Remix)
15. Coldplay - Lost (acoustic)
16.Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me (Acoustic)
17. Delerium - Silence (Ambient Music)
18. Diana Ross - Love Hangover (DiFrankz' Sweet Chill Out Remix)
19. DJ Shah - You Are The Sun (Chillout Mix) 
20. Linkin Park - In The End (Piano Chill Out Remix)
21.Jaco & Sequentia - Crossfire (Lukas Termena Chillout mix)
22.John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Skydan Chillout Remix)
23. Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Invisible (Kopi Luwka mix)
24. Linkin Park - New Divide (Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
25. Lukas Termena feat. Angelika Borof - Searching (Original mix)
26.Madonna - Power Of Goodbye (Instrumental Version)
27. Madonna-If you forget me at the center of the Sun (Instrumental
28.Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Chillout Mix)
29. Nelly Furtado-Say It Right (W&D Instrumental Mix)
30.Parijat - Most Beautiful Splendour (Lukas Termena Сhillout Mix) 
31. Robert Miles - Children (Orchestral Version)
32. Sandra - Forgive Me (Chillout Remix)
33. Sequentia - Don't Surrender (Lukas Termena Chillout Remix)
34. Tenishia - Shores Of Eden (Chill Out Mix)
35. Owsey - The Horizon, Hidden in our Movements
36.The Space Brothers - Legacy (Vox Mix)
37. Timbaland & One Republic-Apologize (Lukas Termena Chill Remix)
38.Vlad Zhukov - Nothing (W&D Chill Out Vocal Mix)
39.W & D - Believe (Original Chill Out Mix)
40.W&D - What May Dreams Come (Original Chill Out Mix)
41.Yuri Kane - Right Back (Chillout Mix)