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Lordzero's Chillout Session Volume 8

Release Year 2013

Lordzero's Chillout Session Volume 8 - Tracklist
  1. Counting On Love (Unplugged Version) By D-Mad feat. Emma Lock
  2. Armenian Flavours (Original Mix) By SoundLift
  3. I Hate Love (Original Mix) By Germind
  4. Valley Of ... (Original Mix) By Luke PN
  5. Move For Me (Dj Dan Karim Chill Mix) By Kaskade & Deadmau5
  6. These Are Heart Beats By Germind feat. Anna Miracles
  7. Reminiscense (Orchestral Mix) By New World
  8. A New Moon (Bryan Milton Remix) By Ellie Lawson
  9. Clarity (Acoustic Version) By Zedd feat. Foxes
  10. Adriatica (World Mix) By Easton
  11. The Strong Expressions By Funky Sidechain feat. Anna Miracles
  12. Dark Paradise (Lana Del Rey Cover) By Tania Zygar & Matt Lange
  13. Electronic Basil (Original Mix) By Maluns
  14. Fire & Load (Acoustic Mix) By tyDi feat. Christina Novelli